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2 September 2016


Inaugural editorial

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the newest creative platform of the University College Alumni Association! The Alumni Connection is a space for UCU alumni to reflect on life at UC and post UC, to share stories, experiences, and opinions. Through this platform, the UCAA wants to see you – us – all connect and reminisce about the old times, keep each other up to date and try to recreate digitally some of what we had at UC.

We here at the editorial team see this blog as a place for you to share what you care about. As such, we invite you to read and write about anything and everything you feel like sharing. We offer complete creative freedom – thus this launch is a mish-mash of ideas, stories and experiences. We kick off with tales of travel and transformative experiences, in Equador, Uzbekistan, and on the Appalachian Trail; on the sillier end of the spectrum, we offer a lamentation about the hardships of talking to normal people, and a typology of university colleges in the Netherlands.

This blog is inspired by the Post, the wonderfully quirky magazine of the UCAA. Unfortunately, Post will not be published in its old format anymore, nonetheless we hope to be up to the challenge of following in the Post’s footsteps in delivering you the best UC alumni have to offer. A shout out goes to Laurens Hebly (class of 2001) and Thijs van Himbergen (class of 2003) for all of their help in thinking about this blog. Not only was their Post an inspiration, but they gave us a lot of food for thought in coming up with an online space for you all. We hope to bring you little pieces of the Post throughout this endeavour.

This blog is a Beta version: a test, a try-out, an experiment. We want to see what you like and where you want to focus. Colour changes? Know how to design a kick-ass website and would like to refresh this one? We welcome all your feedback at

Would you like to write a piece to be published in the blog? Want to invite a friend to write for us, interview a person, photograph a thing, record a sound? Let us know, again at


The Alumni Connection Editorial Board


2 thoughts on “Inaugural editorial

  1. Awesome job girls ‘n’ guys. Very happy to see this online; I know what I’ll be reading this evening! The new Harry Potter book. Just kidding! This wonderful new blog of course. All the best, keep it up, way to go, here’s to you!


  2. test


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