The Alumni Connection

Life after UC, Examined


About Us

The Alumni Connection is the online creative platform of University College Alumni Association. It’s a place for alumni, from alumni.

The Alumni Connection provides a space for you to reminisce about life at UCU, life after UCU, and everything remotely related. We wanted to make a virtual campus – not to recreate our time at UCU, but to offer the same kind of inviting environment to deep, silly, superficial, curious, colourful thought.

The Alumni Connection is an initiative fashioned in the spirit of the Post, the former UCAA print magazine. We owe a lot to the Post as our intellectual precedent, and as a source of inspiration.

The Alumni Connection offers its writers full creative freedom. What you read here is not the secret agenda of the UCAA, or of the blog editorial board. Author’s opinions are their own and uncensored. Their views might not reflect our own, but we cherish every single thought.

The Alumni Connection is an initiative of the University College Alumni Association. For more on the UCAA, you can check the UCAA website at The blog itself is run by three dedicated and somewhat sleepless alumni: Matthijs Maas, class of ’12, Myrte Vos, class of ’12, and Marina LazĂ«ri, class of ’13. Based in various cities around the Netherlands, the three of them have discovered that late nights over Skype are almost as good as late nights in a Wall living room.


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